Hakili Falen: Exchange of experience and empowerment (2020 - 2021)

Hakili Falen: Exchange of experience and empowerment (2020 - 2021)

Within the framework of three workshops, "Hakali Falen" offered young people and parents with a migration history space for exchange about racism, discrimination, intolerance and violence.

Many of the participants had already experienced racism and exclusion at school or in training. Based on this, the workshops focused on how to deal with these experiences and on approaches to peaceful understanding and mutual acceptance.

Of particular importance to us was the sustainable empowerment of those affected: Thanks to reflection exercises and supervision, the participants were able to gain valuable insights, recognize possible courses of action and be strengthened in their personalities. Networking with counseling and therapy services as well as the possibilities of taking legal action against discrimination and racism were also central topics in the workshops.

We would like to thank the association Migrafrica e.V. for their cooperation and kind support.


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