Jeka fo: Education and networking (2021)

Jeka fo: Education and networking (2021)

The "Jeka fo" project focused on both educational work and supporting young refugees through their targeted networking.

On the one hand, the focus was on communicating social and political norms and on school and professional orientation. Dealing with racism and possible legal action against discrimination were also important topics. On the other hand, the young people, some of whom had come to Germany unaccompanied and as minors, were encouraged to exchange ideas with former refugees: their experiences on the path to successful professional and social integration were a helpful inspiration for the new immigrants.

In addition, networking also took place with social workers, lawyers, youth welfare offices, and other associations and organizations that offered further information or other support as needed.

We are very grateful for the funding of our project by Aktion Mensch through the Migrafrica e.V. association.


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