Nyeta 2.0: Accompaniment and support (2019)

Nyeta 2.0: Accompaniment and support (2019)

With Nyeta 2.0, we were able to realize an open and multilingual counseling service for people with a history of flight and migration.

For many refugees, the language barrier in particular represents a major challenge. Especially for people from African countries, there are often hardly any language mediators available - this results in serious communication problems at public offices and in the health system, when looking for housing or in integration measures. A lack of information about language courses or opportunities to participate in society also often stands in the way of successful inclusion.

At Jama Nyeta, we speak the first language of many people seeking advice. Thus, we can offer orientation and clarify many questions. If necessary, we can also accompany them to appointments, provide on-site support and ensure communication.


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