Support for an SOS Children's Village in Sanankoroba, Mali (ongoing)

Jama Nyeta e.V. has been supporting the orphanages La Pouponnière in Bamako as well as in Kita and Madina-Malinké for years. Often, newborn children are anonymously abandoned or left there for fear of stigmatization. Despite all efforts on site, the basic care of the children living there is often not guaranteed. Through our direct contacts, we know the needs of the orphanages very well and can provide direct and immediate support. Our initiative regularly provides food, clothing, diapers, medicine and toys for these children - even the state television in Mali has already reported on our commitment.

We are currently collecting donations again - you can support our campaign on Betterplace. Betterplace könnt Ihr unsere Kampagne unterstützen.


Spendenaktion: Ultraschallgerät zur Schwangerschaftsdiagnostik in Mali (2021)

Through a GoFundMe campaign, our association was able to collect enough donations to purchase an ultrasound machine for pregnancy diagnostics for women in Mali.

In the rural regions of Mali, health care is often very poor - there is a lack of medical infrastructure and technology. Young, disadvantaged women are particularly hard hit by this during pregnancy. Their situation has been exacerbated by the Corona crisis and the resulting unemployment: complications and high-risk pregnancies are the order of the day.

After an acute need was reported to us at the beginning of March 2021, Jama Nyeta was able to purchase a mobile ultrasound scanner at short notice. It was financed through a fundraising campaign on the GoFundMe platform. Just a few weeks later, the device was handed over to a local team of gynecologists in Mali - since then, countless women and their unborn children have been helped through targeted diagnostics and appropriate treatments.

Support for people with disabilities in Mali (2015).

In Mali, there is no government support for people with disabilities. Where there is no help from family or friends*, these people often have to live on the street. In 2015, our association supported local initiatives by donating 45 wheelchairs and other walking aids. This enabled more than 50 people to regain their mobility.