Expert Day of Intercultural Development Cooperation

The power of diversity is also an important issue in development work worldwide and in Germany. With the commitment of citizens, civil society, politics and business, we are joining forces to make the Sustainable Development Goals a reality. But equal effectiveness is only possible through broad participation at all levels. Quality criteria for partnerships in the context of development cooperation is anchored, among other things, in the Istanbul Principles or in the VENRO guidelines for development policy project work. The agl questionnaire “Reflecting Partnerships” provides us with a comprehensive tool for shaping work in an equal, solidary and trusting way. In order to strengthen local forces and further develop international partnership work, we want to place an emphasis on intercultural opening in development cooperation. At the “Symposium on Intercultural Development Cooperation: Reflecting on Partnerships” we want to create a space for intercultural opening and participation in the design of development policies and measures together with colleagues from migrant and diaspora organizations, One World initiatives, municipalities and other actors from development cooperation. In addition to the exchange of expertise and experience, the goals are to promote integrative development policy work at home and abroad.