What unites us at Jama Nyeta: In addition to personal commitment and professional know-how, many of us also bring their own (migration) history to the association. A large part of our team comes from Mali and other countries in West Africa. We know many of the challenges that migrant people face in Germany from our own experience. We are familiar with the situation in the countries of origin of many refugees and speak regional languages such as Bambara or Fula.

These prerequisites enable us to overcome language and cultural barriers and to deal with our target group in a particularly sensitive manner. This creates an atmosphere of security and trust, which is the basis for our joint work.

Our team also includes committed people without a migration history. Diversity is part of everyday life at Jama Nyeta. Shaping diversity in society as an added value so that everyone can participate on an equal footing - that is our task.

Momo Sissoko, Managing Director
Markus Geis, Employee – House of Ressources
Dr. Andrea Struwe, Employee for legal affairs
Adama Dembele, Project Manager – “Yereta Folo”
Björn Adamietz, Representative for Media and Social Networks
Natalia Cwalina, Co-Project Management Kalan Nafa
Tahirou Santara, Co-Project Management Kalan Nafa
Adama Indielou Togo, Volunteer
Mamoudou Barry, Volunteer
Boubacar Guindo, Volunteer
Souhail Dianati, Volunteer