What we do


Our offer in Germany

In Germany, we support people with a history of flight and migration – primarily from West African countries, but also from other parts of the world. Each person who comes to us receives individual counseling and sustainable orientation on their path. In doing so, we create safe spaces for exchange and encounter in a trusting atmosphere.

Projects in Europe - Erasmus+

Erasmus+ Youth is dedicated to the promotion of non-formal and informal education in the youth field, learning mobility as well as the active participation of young people. It also promotes collaboration, quality, inclusion, creativity, and innovation at the organizational and policy levels in the youth field. The priorities are on the following topics:

  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Environmental protection, sustainable development and climate protection
  • Digital transformation
  • Participation in democratic life

Target groups

  • Young people between 13 and 30 years
  • Full-time and voluntary professionals in youth work
  • Youth Associations
  • Youth welfare organizations and institutions
  • Local, regional and national authorities