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Jama Nyeta is a socially committed association that focuses on supporting people with a history of flight or immigration. The focus of our association is the sustainable support of the African Diaspora in Germany. The primary aim is to support refugees and other migrant people who have found themselves in difficult, health, political or economic situations. Our target group is mostly from West Africa, but also from other regions of Africa and the world.

“Jama Nyeta” means “Developing Together” and describes the core of our work: we want to develop new ideas and projects, design spaces for exchange and networking, and create images of the future for a better society. And we want to help others develop – together and at eye level. What drives us is our vision:
A world of equality.

Through our work, we are committed to ensuring that all people can realize their right to participation: in society and politics, in culture, business and work, in Germany and Europe, in West Africa and around the world. Our diverse team – most of whom have a migrant background themselves – forms a bridge in the encounter between people with and without migration experience.

§ 1 Name, legal nature and registered office

The name of the association is Jama Nyeta e.V. – Gemeinsam entwickeln – Unterstützen – Neues Schaffen. It is to be entered in the Commercial Register in Cologne and will then bear the suffix “e.V.”.
Jama Nyeta e.V. has a non-profit and charitable purpose.
Jama Nyeta e.V. has its headquarters in Cologne, Germany

§2 Goals and purposes

§ 2 No. 1 purpose of the association is:

  • Supporting young people from African and other migrant backgrounds through targeted integration and migration work (e.g., by promoting vocational training);
  • International understanding
  • Promotion of youth and elderly welfare
  • Promotion of art and culture
  • Promotion of education, popular and vocational training
  • Promotion of international spirit…
  • the promotion of the protection of marriage and family
  • the promotion and support for refugees, displaced persons and ethnic German repatriates;
  • the promotion of development cooperation;
  • Promote social entrepreneurship to counteract immigrant unemployment.

§ 2 No. 2. The purpose of the statutes is realized in particular through the establishment and maintenance of a counseling and contact point for immigrants, through which professional training can be specifically promoted within the framework of integration work. Social enterprises are also to be created within the framework of the counseling center, which will create jobs for predominantly immigrants. Furthermore, international understanding is to be promoted and poverty and lack of educational opportunities in the home countries (in Africa) are to be fought. Through our direct support, we can directly improve local livelihoods and fight poverty in the long term.

§ 2 No. 3 The Association shall act selflessly; it shall not primarily pursue its own economic purposes.

§ 2 No. 4 Funds of the Association may only be used for purposes in accordance with the Articles of Association. Members shall not receive any benefits from the funds of the Association.

§ 2 No. 5 No person may benefit from expenditures that are alien to the purpose of the corporation or from disproportionately high remuneration.

§ 2 No. 6 are only entitled to compensation for proven expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

§ 2 No. 7 The members of the Executive Board may receive appropriate remuneration for their activities.

The General Meeting shall decide on the amount of the remuneration.

§ 3 Membership and membership fee

Any natural and legal person can become a member of the Association. The board of directors makes the final decision on the application for membership. The monthly contribution is 5 €uro and can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

The membership with Jama Nyeta e.V. expires:

a. with the death of the member,
b. by voluntary resignation,
c. by deletion from the list of members,
d. by exclusion from the association.
e. the exclusion, if the member by his behavior against the goals of the association
has violated.

§ 4 Election and voting rights

Each member has a right to vote and to be elected, who pays regularly his contribution.

§ 5 The organs

The organs of the association are:

a. The general meeting
In the general meeting, each member present has one vote. The
The General Meeting is responsible in particular for the following matters:

a) Acceptance of the annual report of the Executive Board; discharge of the Executive Board.
b) Election and dismissal of the members of the Executive Board.
c) passing resolutions on amendments to the Articles of Association and on the dissolution of the

b. The Board of Directors
The board of Jama Nyeta e.V. consists of three board members, who are elected by the general meeting. The Board of Directors is entitled to appoint a Managing Director to handle the day-to-day business of the Association and to employ staff for the Association. The association is represented judicially and extrajudicially by one member of the executive committee.

If a member of the Executive Board resigns or leaves office for any other reason, the remaining members of the Executive Board shall continue to conduct the business of the Association until the next General Meeting.

§ 6 Term of office of the Management Board

The Board of Directors is elected by the General Meeting for a period of five years, counting from the day of the election. However, he remains in office until the election of a new board.

§ 7 Convening of the General Meeting

At least once a year, if possible in the last quarter, the ordinary general meeting shall be held. It shall be convened by the Executive Board with two weeks’ notice by written notification stating the agenda.

The period shall commence at the end of the working day following the dispatch of the invitation. The invitation letter shall be deemed to have been received by the member if it is addressed to the last address provided by the member to the Association in writing, electronically, SMS, and social media. The agenda is set by the Executive Board.

§ 8 Resolution of the Management Board

The Board of Directors generally adopts its resolutions at Board meetings, which are convened by a Board member in writing, by telephone or by telegraph. In any case, a notice period of three days must be observed. No notification of the agenda is required. The Board of Directors constitutes a quorum if two members of the Board of Directors are present. The majority of the valid votes cast shall be decisive in the passing of resolutions.