Jama Nyeta!

Creating new together

Jama Nyeta is a socially committed association that focuses on supporting people with a history of flight or immigration. The majority of our target group comes from West Africa, but also from other regions of Africa and the world.

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Welcome to
Jama Nyeta e.V.

“Jama Nyeta” means “Developing together” and describes the core of our work: we want to develop new ideas and projects, design spaces for exchange and networking, and create images of the future for a better society. And we want to help others develop – together and at eye level. What drives us is our vision: a world of equality.

Through our work, we are committed to ensuring that all people can realize their right to participation: in society and politics, in culture, business and work, in Germany and Europe, in West Africa and around the world. Our diverse team – most of whom have a migrant background themselves – forms a bridge in the encounter between people with and without migration experience.

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For a world of equality