Kalan Nafa – Developing Learning. Learning to Develop.

Since 2021

Kalan Nafa – Developing Learning. Learning to Develop.

Since 2021

In the “Kalan Nafa” project, we offer extracurricular learning support for young people with a refugee or immigrant background who have little or no formal educational experience.

Our work is designed to help participants between the ages of 18 and 27 connect to the complex and performance-oriented education system in Germany and to prevent school and training dropouts. We focus on language-sensitive and individual support – the participants can communicate with each other and with us in their languages of origin.

The focus is on teaching the basic skills of reading, writing, arithmetic and problem solving as well as on the targeted development of individual learning strategies. The participants’ digital skills are also trained. Because we are convinced that learning should also be fun, we often design lessons in a playful way and regularly offer excursions.

We are supported and accompanied in this project by the Mercator Institute for Language Development and German as a Second Language, which is using our work to develop teaching principles and recommendations for action for this target group, which has received little attention in research to date.

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