Mala Don – Kick racism out of Kölle!


mala don

Mala Don – Kick racism out of Kölle!


Over a period of 12 months, the project “Mala Don” intends to accompany 25 young black people, especially those with a refugee background, in their confrontation with racist violence and discrimination, to inform them and to develop practical guidelines for dealing with racist incidents together with them, which they will pass on to another 150 people as multipliers. By coming together in Safer Spaces as sharing spaces, participants share experiences, empower each other, and share in the group. Through information and education formats, they learn about important support structures. Finally, they jointly develop action guidelines that are carried into the communities as help material.

In addition, 25 volunteers and professionals are trained in parallel in dealing with racist violence and discrimination, in which they are informed on a knowledge level with effects and facts about racist incidents and become trustworthy allies and supporters through action concepts and connection to existing support structures, in order to encourage the target group to assert their rights and to take advantage of qualified help.

Targets at the stakeholder level:

Create empowerment spaces as safe spaces for the exchange of experiences between victims of racist discrimination and violence.

Inform and educate:

The participants should be informed about existing support structures in Cologne, learn more about the mode of action and background of racist discrimination and violence.

Collaborative creation and production of help materials within affected communities – information sharing in personal networks.


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